After 90 college students to pay back to the village

now college students entrepreneurship has become very common, and in each year in the whole society will appear a lot of college students entrepreneurs, then say the entrepreneur, he is a successful student entrepreneurs.

in Yongsheng Dazhu County of Sichuan province township Maliu village, a college student named Wang Mingdong. The chicken in this business, he had now worked hard hard, full of sound and colour. In August 4th, the author braved the heat into the village of Liu Liu group of Wang Mingdong’s home. "Look for something, I will do!" In the chat, a readily he told reporters, "I have deep feelings of home, want to put their knowledge into full play, led the villagers to get rich."

strenuously hard time

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recoge. Upon graduation, Wang Mingdong received two red university graduation certificate.

decided to return home to give up paid