A story to entrepreneurs please do not just wait for a miracle to come

business is not a fashionable term, now each university graduates are hoping to a career of their own achievements, but since the choice you have to rise head and shoulders above others, ready to work hard, but now some people are just waiting for the chance, I want to say, the opportunity is always prepared to leave people, perhaps, a story below can give us some enlightenment…

after he carefully selected from hundreds of people came to apply for leave 16 people, then said to them: "I give you a year, would you please help me to compile a Book of wisdom, I want to leave future generations. "

these people in the village to live down, is very hard to do this work, one year period, they completed a copious and fluent in six large.

millionaire turned up and said, I believe that these are the essence of wisdom, but it is too much, I was worried that my children will not be interested in reading, please click enrichment.

16 people continue to

millionaire see this sentence very satisfied, said: "this is really all the crystallization of ancient wisdom!"

left to the last sentence is: there is no free lunch.

have to pay, there will be a harvest; there are efforts will be paid. When you are willing to stand up and give yourself some action power, even if the result is not as expected, but the process of hard work and learning experience, are money can not buy. Their watering and fertilizing fruit must be sweet to eat, sweat struggle of life is particularly valuable.