Chasing the hearts of the students in the hearts of Ma buried entrepreneurial seeds

Ma is the object of worship in the hearts of college students, to bring more young people have a lot of positive energy dream, to the hearts of many Chinese college students planted the seeds of entrepreneurship. Of course, college students want to succeed in business also need their own efforts.

2 19 July to February 22nd, Heilongjiang held China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum Sixteenth Annual Meeting, 180 college students from across the country as a volunteer, responsible for the venue layout, vehicle scheduling, material preparation, photography and entrepreneurs work travel tips.

in services, they get together with all the entrepreneurs shouted: "finally photographed, I also want to become you!" Chinese Yabuli entrepreneurs forum chairman, chairman and CEO of Taikang Life, Chen Dongsheng said: "these students’ mood and we want to see Bill in wealth forum · like Gates, looking for a kind of feeling and strength."

2011, China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum to recruit part-time service personnel. Rookie exchange youth community sponsors Zhu Xiaoming came to the scene and found that "experience and broaden their horizons activities for students growth and have a very big help.

"you send me a photo, I make a person like you to seal." At the meeting site, Wang Chao, Heilongjiang Institute of technology, in the form of public interest to promote their products, portrait seal".

"heard Yabuli forum recruiting volunteers will submit the application, no matter how tired, what, as long as the scene is enough! What a rare opportunity!" As a volunteer camera, Wang Chao can enter the conference room, which allows him to listen to their favorite entrepreneur speech. "Their valuable experience and the anticipation of China’s future economy have benefited me a lot".