How to do a good job to promote the jewelry shop

open jewelry shop how to do propaganda work? This is a lot of franchisees need to pay attention to the problem. Now no matter what stores, franchisees are very concerned about the problem of publicity, publicity as long as doing a good job, is to impress consumers, this shop business will be very popular, business will be very worry.

1, product promotion: shelf side put some relevant information on jewelry, especially the more popular jewelry. For example, the Tibetan jewelry can be placed next to the introduction of Tibetan culture, the convenience of customers to understand these new accessories.

2, the store can be attached to the Shanghai Tribune, posters posters in the store, this paper introduces the use of jewelry and cultural connotation.

3, network publicity: can open their own website. Or use at present more popular women website and some BBS community, chat room post, with exquisite jewelry pictures, site and location. Exchange links with other well-known websites, etc..

4, gifts: for a one-time purchase of large quantities of jewelry customers or cumulative purchase of larger members, to give different grades of gifts, to strengthen the publicity of the jewelry store. Gifts can be bookmarks, mobile phone bags, etc..

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