Wudang Mountains to sell shoes can make millions a year

said the Wudang Mountains, many people will think of the classic martial arts drama Wudang, and contemporary, many people practice in Wudang Mountains martial arts, they unremittingly, year after year in practice here.

The head of the Wudang martial arts group

Yuan Limin: " man of practice itself is not very rich. "

although their monthly income of only one thousand yuan, is not in the local, but the man called Huang Mingguang eyeing. In a 2004 visit Wudang Mountains, Huang Mingguang from these practitioners found profitable business opportunities, and become friends with them, they earn money by.

now Huang Mingguang and they have to give up. He is very grateful to the practitioners, because without them, they will not have the annual income of about three million yuan.

2004 New Year’s day, Huang Mingguang in Hainan with friends visiting Wudang Mountains, accidentally heard about a few practitioners, attracted his attention.

can make a suitable training shoes? How big are the shoes? Huang Mingguang visits a week, that is the first.

in the number of Wudang Mountains practitioners although not much, but each year about their visitors reached about 1000000 people.

see behind these business practitioners, Huang Mingguang decided to make shoes. Will they accept it?

around a dozen days in various martial arts, Huang Mingguang watched this guy Yuan Limin. He is famous in the local, often tour to the domestic and foreign martial arts wudang.