Lianyungang high tech Zone nnovation and entrepreneurship highlights the new advantages of science

provincial economic development, need to implement management policies, also need to understand the importance of science and technology entrepreneurship. Lianyungang hi tech Zone is the focus of talent and technology, has a lot of resources, has a very good entrepreneurial resources for young entrepreneurs to bring a very good platform for entrepreneurship.

A to play to the existing carrier efficiency. Focus on optimizing, the song hop park will implement "tenglonghuanniao, bad back, space optimization, and promote the transformation and upgrading of industry; with" nine school "," vigorously promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, development "hackerspaces, support policies, the rise of a new upsurge of entrepreneurship in the city.

two to accelerate the construction of a new carrier. Take the initiative to adapt to the "Internet plus" trend of development, the construction of cloud computing center, providing large data services for local enterprises. The use of science and Technology Museum hosted a large exchange of talent, Expo, promote the gathering of information resources, strengthen the construction of public service centers, improve the functions of supporting the park, to further attract all kinds of innovative enterprises settled.

three to gather all kinds of innovative carrier. Focus on new medicine, new materials, equipment manufacturing, clean energy and other industries, through the introduction of research research and development platform, University Research Institute and enterprise technology center, bio technology research and development platform, the characteristics of the industry upgrading, further mention bigger and stronger.



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