Retail business must be sincere

is also doing business, different owners may have different views, naturally there will be a different understanding. In fact, as the retail shop owner, we must use his sincere customers, recently Shandong shrimp price raise a Babel of criticism of incident, many customers are very angry, actually this is explained to us customer care or integrity, a shopkeeper if missing the point, then it will have a long-term impact.

retail households to buy things is not easy, but if you do not encounter the integrity of the owner, then they will suffer losses. Such acts of cheating customers, for our retail shop is an unwise, because customers are very smart, who can quietly accept our deception, furthermore, if this be deceived, you will forever lose the customer, more serious is their own shops from no credit. You know a store if there is no credibility, so it is can’t do anything.

so, want to let oneself of the supermarket retail development, so the owner must truly get down to business, sales, must not for a moment of interest and influence the development of the future. Over the years, I always take it as a priority among priorities, I never cheat customers for the customer, I have been for many years, I am genuine goods at a fair price, attracted a large number of customers, the customer response to me is very good, they say my shop is, never lie.


, an old woman with a twenty yuan of fifty yuan of money, then I found, immediately gave her the old woman, he tells everyone that I am indebted forever, really. In addition, there is a customer to nothing, I suddenly found that the bread seems soon to expire, so I would not sell him, but he changed to a new, the customer was very moved, from then on to more and more in our shop. So, sincerity is too important, customer is to see this point, we are missing the point, then anything not.

a shop can attract more customers, so that business has been the development of hot, often have their own business skills, and this technique is very useful for the shop. Among the various techniques of store management, "sincerity" is undoubtedly very important, it is worth every owner’s attention.