What are the three elements of excellent sites

many of us are carefully analyzed and selected a suitable location for their own shops, however, a site that is not really a good location is a mystery. In fact, if you want to meet such a feature excellent location, but also needs to satisfy three elements. So, what are the three elements of good sites?

1, a sufficient amount of household and population in support of

enterprise must understand the center circle, the circle within the scope of the dew and secondary edge circle each residents or target specific public number and the level of income, occupation distribution, consumer characteristics and preferences, and to the city to buy goods in rural areas near the number of customers and income level, based on the understanding of the situation, can the quality and quantity of the customers have a more accurate understanding.

a good store location will have a stable target customers, which requires enough households and population in the nursery business scope. Many shops are located in a region with strong purchasing power and a large population density, one of the important reasons is to ensure that there is sustained strong purchasing power.

2, good road and traffic conditions

only in a convenient place to set up shop, in order to provide consumers with convenient, attract more customers. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the traffic conditions in the region and the traffic conditions in the region.

in addition, we must pay attention to the impact of urban planning on transport facilities. Such as street development plan, road widening project, subway, light rail, high-speed, highway construction project Quebec, regional development planning and so on, have an impact on the future traffic conditions, thus affecting the shop customers. Enterprises must capture and accurately grasp the development trend.

3, the reasonable determination of the store area

for the super market plug-in area can be determined according to the estimated sales target. In addition, we must pay attention to the influence of other factors. For example, the supermarket shop where the city and regional economic development level, residents’ income and consumption level; the commercial area of shops at the supermarket or business premises; rent level; the average number of customers per unit area can receive; sales and profits size etc.. In a comprehensive consideration of the above factors, the reasonable determination of store area.


had such an introduction, now in your own shops is a good shop shop is not have a clear understanding of the? In short, if you want to make a better development shops late, need to choose a good location very.