2016 Xiamen auto show children’s car model contest began enrollment

in our life can often be seen in front of the car, there are always a lot of hot sexy girl, we called cars, now cars not only adults, and children born. Since last week, after the opening of the 2016 Xiamen auto show the first children’s car model contest has attracted public attention, the number of applicants soaring. As of press time reporter, enrollment has more than 500 people, and there are a number of new cars have said, to provide the children’s car race props".

angle of the United States to participate in a group of children

teamed up with twins to attack


the game to open the registration for a week, the number of applicants is unusually hot, the relevant responsible person said: "for quick, feeling like a plug, the number of " " Cengceng rub up." According to statistics, in the registration of children, the island has been inside and outside the District, and even the United States and Zhangzhou angle children group to sign up.

it is worth mentioning that, according to the children’s cars contest registration office staff, the contest has received 10 entries when the twins, the twins will be on the stage together on stage, have a unique style and beautiful landscape.

children’s car is very professional

players experience more than

children’s car models, in the eyes of many adults, is to let the children to play a play, but from this time the children’s car model competition on the stage to show the degree of professionalism, suddenly broke the impression. According to the organizing committee responsible person, the registered more than and 500 people, a lot of players "career" is not short, there’s a veteran in battle, such as in the middle of the year a similar activity in the young group, the children’s group also winner of the application list.

the tournament sponsors music exchange adorable children art center relevant responsible person said: "sponsored by the mainstream media, first of all have credibility, and professional, children to participate in this competition, regardless of the outcome, will certainly have a lot of harvest."

car model can not do without props

A variety of luxury cars to help

"children’s game models is very meaningful, can let the children to show themselves, improve the comprehensive quality." Xiamen Jianfa Acura 4S shop general manager Guo Nanqing is the father of two children, he is very optimistic about cars contest for children. He said that the construction of Acura will provide a new car during the game, CDX, as the game props".

model as a specialized occupation, is not recommended