How to take the bait fish counterfeit

food and beverage market characteristics of fish brand so what brand to join the project which is better? Xiaobian who are willing to buy counterfeit fish is very good. Take the bait Catering Management Co., Ltd. is a "fake fish" as the main characteristics of the food chain, in order to meet the people’s pursuit of the dishes, authentic and needs a healthy diet, after the company’s R & D team unremitting efforts, hard study and exploration, the popular in the Chinese fish modified by numerical control grilled furnace the company custom-made, will live after slaughter into the furnace are fried, then topped with various flavors of sauce, a very fresh fish on the "fake" officially released. Made by this method compared with the traditional fish fish fish is more prominent in the original, to ensure meat tender and nutritional ingredients, because our fish are fried out through the furnace, but the dish form like fish, so called "fake fish". Who are willing to buy counterfeit fish how to join?

who are willing to buy counterfeit fish how to join? What are the conditions? See the following details:

who are willing to buy counterfeit fish franchise:

1, honest, generous, generous, good communication, understanding, altruism.

2, willing to bite the brand and the company’s business philosophy has a strong sense of identity

3, with entrepreneurial spirit and the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of success

4, with the wish to apply to join the financial conditions of the restaurant

5, willing to do all the work of the restaurant

6, willing to work full time 2-3 months to complete the pre operational training

7, franchisees should have the appropriate organizational management capabilities

8, franchisees have a certain relationship with the local network

who are willing to buy counterfeit fish procedure:

1, telephone consultation

2, to the company preliminary interview, fill in the "join the application form";

3, approved by the headquarters of the investigation and assessment, permission to join the franchise;

4, the two sides agreed to join the intention and signed an agreement (payment of intent);

5 address field assessment, selected to meet the requirements of the store;

6, sign the official >