Hotel Jingxian million people sad pillow Shijinbumei health clearance

Qingming, tomb sweeping home team is very large, hotels are difficult. Recently, there is a founder of Lu Gang, grave home to live in hotel, hotel pillow Jingxian million yuan, now the owner of the money has been linked to a!

how that money is lost? Why Liu Gang did not confirm the first time lost money? Is there any reason? Yesterday, the reporter was interrupted.

Why can’t the

the night he and his friends in the vicinity of the hotel to eat dinner, drank some wine. After 8 in the evening, a friend sent him back to the hotel, he will be out of the $10 thousand cash out of the plug to the friend, and then into the bathroom. Friend said: "no hurry! Do not lack these days, you take it first, and then give it when not too late……" Liu Gang said, because he was in the toilet, the friend later specifically what he did not pay attention to listen to.

for readers hot hotel did not change the sheets of a thing, Liu Gang said: "I live in the shop for more than 2 years, is clean. I am a resident, but also a double room, the bed by the window I did not move, usually to the aunt said that the bed does not have to change, I think she is not used anyway, so did not change." It is reported that the criticism on all aspects of the hotel did not shy away, was the day before yesterday started the rectification.

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