How to make money What projects are suitable for early start

at present, there are a lot of people to choose the business, entrepreneurship can make us think of the first is not so simple, large investment, then there is no suitable for the early start of the project? Weak, but not to venture, as long as the market saw, selection of projects, as well as making money for their own business! What to do, not good for small, you can choose some small projects to do! Today Xiaobian prepared 10 petty gold industry project, I believe you will love


vending machine is a kind of new intelligent products, not because of language barriers, and the operation is easy, since listing in the United States, Japan and other countries is developing rapidly, now in 45 countries have been widely popular. According to industry estimates, the vending machine Chinese has a capacity of only 20 thousand, compared with 1 billion 300 million of the population, this number is not worth mentioning, if the vending machine market has been fully developed, its prospect is very considerable.

What do your own business:


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service to buy books, selling old books, and also in exchange for transfers, leasing, leasing business. The opening of the service is not too large, there are 2-3 million can be opened. The general 2-3 room of the facade, made from the ceiling to the ground of the three wall stereo bookcase, as far as possible to make full use of indoor space. The key is to choose the address, should be in the school, the cultural community is closer to the place.

Do their own