Five types of snack shops operating flexible choice

believe that we have the idea of entrepreneurship, snack bar is a favorite venture. In fact, it is not difficult to open a snack bar, snack bar investment costs can be large, small, very flexible operation. We are here to introduce several kinds of snacks can choose the type of store, for reference only.

1. independent store

2. chain

3. rental sector

is usually a department store or shop the store rented to a department store by snack snacks, the operator is responsible for all business, and its turnover in a certain proportion of extraction, the company delivered as rent. Many department stores or specialty stores are equipped with food city, such as facilities, the choice of this form can be used with the cohesion of shopping, but also a good choice.

4. rental time

is usually the snack bar will be leased to the early breakfast snack business, responsible for all business operators by the early breakfast time, every fixed time (such as 10 in the morning) all withdraw, delivery snack as rent to the turnover in a certain proportion of extraction, or by a fixed amount of double consultation to the snack bar to pay the rent.

5. vertical outlets