Mass Effect Andromedas Facial Animations Were Reportedly Outsourced

first_imgStay on target Mass Effect Andromeda is one fun game. However, anyone that frequents social media knows that its human characters have questionable looking faces and facial animations. There were several theories bouncing around the internet to explain why this was the case. Now, a new report may have revealed why models and animations are so funky looking.Liam Robertson, known as the “Game History Guy” on YouTube, released a video where he explains what went wrong with Mass Effect Andromeda. According to his sources at Bioware, there was an over-reliance on Cyberscan technology. This technology is used to take digital 3D scans of physical objects. It’s a great tool for artists, but it is only meant to act as a starting point.“Cyberscans can provide a helpful alternative to having an artist manually sculpt the basis of a model themselves,” said Robertson’s source. While the technology is impressive, it isn’t advanced enough to create high-quality assets on its own. An artist still needs to come in and make refinements so that subjects look as good as possible. This is especially true for human faces, which can look off if not properly worked on.According to multiple sources, Robertson spoke with, much of the artistic work on human subjects was outsourced. Bioware’s internal team focused most of its attention on hard surface objects like environments and ships, as well as select aliens and robots. After the scans for human subjects had been taken, they were shipped to studios like EA Bucharest in Romania. This studio supposedly took on a great deal of the models and animation work on human characters, according to one insider.Bioware wasn’t unaware of what was happening on the model and facial animation front. Apparently, some members “actively went out of their way to offer their services to do additional work on the human character assets, and were turned away.” The decision by EA to have external studios handle the brunt of these animations could have been a cost-cutting measure. One insider suggests that management simply didn’t see the need to have the in-house team oversee and fix faces and animations.All of this is based on unofficial reports. If true, however, it would explain why human characters don’t look as impressive as they did in previous Mass Effect games. Hopefully, we’ll eventually hear official word about what went wrong with this situation. Bioware is promising to implement fixes via patches in the future. Hopefully, this will help humans look as good as everything else in the game. The Most Shocking, Surprising, and Awesome Gaming Moments of 2017Bioware Officially Cancels All Single Player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda last_img read more

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